Woah.. when did Devoner sneak into Ennalor’s bedroom?



Woah.. when did Devoner sneak into Ennalor’s bedroom?


It was a simple breakfast, and a little burnt…but what wife could resist such a sweet gesture?

It was a simple breakfast, and a little burnt…but what wife could resist such a sweet gesture?

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Lady Haethon gets a snippet of Easthold and Rhett’s Excellent Adventure

((Optional prompt as gears begin to creak towards Easthold’s return.))

What does a woman like Mirianda Haethon dream of?

Her waking moments are plagued by the suggestions of what others do, but what happens in those moments where the woman is safe in her own thoughts?

How far north have you ever been, child?

The chill of fall comes quickly on the Highlands. The cold mountains of Alterac leave exposed skin raw and lips dry.

Deep within the stone walls of a crypt, metal meets stone in a monotonous march down flights of ancient steps. Ancient and rusted sconces hold lit torches that do little to penetrate the dark, but another source of soft light lit the way downdowndown in to the ancient stone building that rose above. 

Release me, Rider. Free me. 

It’s in that moment that the dream cannot properly convey the physical self. She is in the stone and the rivulets of blood on the large soldier’s pauldrons. She is a heartbeat so slow that it nearly forgets it’s purpose. She is a pool of black water and the weak flame that lights the way.

                                                                             I called, you answered.

The rattling procession of the soldier’s journey in to the earth grows louder with each step. It echoes against stone and bone and leaves her head ringing.

As the soldier came to a halt before an ancient wood door, the soft light pooling at his feet began to still from a steady sway from his steps.

I am coming.

It wasn’t a malicious whisper. It was a song that was pulled from empty lungs. It was anticipation, and desperate joy.

The lingering Light that had weakly pulsed from the open eyes set in the freshly severed head chained to his belt. went dark as old timber scraped against dusty stone.

The lone soldier was greeted by black.

Free me from this place.

The sleeping woman was answered with black.


Miri awoke with a gasp, sitting up like a bolt in her bed as her heart hammered away inside her chest. Slowly, she placed a shaking hand on her forehead, feeling the small beads of sweat that had formed there, her breath coming in short, quiet gasps.

A dream…such a strange..dream… She thought to herself after a few disorienting moments. The sounds of Devoner’s soft snores and the sight of Robert slumbering soundly on his chest brought her haltingly back to reality.

I could’ve sworn…but no…it couldn’t have…Her brow furrowed, her attempts to fully recall the dream futile as the memories of it slowly ebbed as fog does in the waking sun.

She laid back down, curling up next to Devoner and gently placing her hand on their son’s back. Feeling his tiny heartbeat beneath her hand, the gentle rise and fall of his breathing, coupled with her husband’s warmth worked to soothe her still rapidly beating heart.

Even as sleep tugged once more at her consciousness, an uneasy feeling settled in her heart.

Easthold…why do I feel…it was about Easthold?….

moxie-bravo: "Oh for Lights sake, you would." -Cas 

Miri would simply flush and dab at her nose with her blue hanky. “E-Excuse me…”

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For The Haethons!



… Fatherhood.


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