I honestly can’t remember half of what was said. My heart was humming the whole time, the blood rushing in my ears turning the priestess’s words to mumbled sounds. I don’t even remember seeing anyone else…I know just about everyone from our house was there…and the people of the White Sigil, Ser Edmure and House Drache, Lord Beloch and his house, Lady Annah and House Grouss were all there…but the only thing I remember seeing was Devoner.

He looked…incredible. Clad in white and gold, he looked like a fairy tale knight. I know he was nervous as I was, I could feel it. But the thing overshadowed it was his joy…his love. It mirrored my own. And the way he looked at me…I will never, so long as I live forget how he looked at me when I stepped before him to say our vows.

When he kissed me for the first time as my husband…something felt like it just clicked. Like a puzzle piece falling into place. Never had anything felt so right in my life.

The reception was just wonderful. So many people came! And so many wonderful gifts. I’ve been given so many gems, I don’t even know what to do with them! Mr.Jahrol’s gift certainly seemed to impress Dev. I’ve never liked brandy, but I will be sure to try some. Mr. Augus’s gift made laugh so much. And Rycca’s gift…L-Light I didn’t even know things like that EXISTED! Honestly I d-don’t think we’ll use it…maybe…Along with Lady Lysa’s gift -which come to find out she was put up to it by Edmure-. Really, w-what do they expect me to DO with a leash and a collar…

Galen’s gift…I honestly can’t wait to go through the pages of the book. It’s just magnificent! I can feel the power within its pages. Cassa even gave us leave to stay at a home of her family’s in Dalaran for a few days! And Mr. Fisk gave Devoner a BEAUTIFUL sword, and me the most beautiful piece of jewelery I’ve ever seen. Reshuv even gave me a gift; a mace that was very ornate, for decoration of course, but the fact that it pulsed with Light…it was amazing.

We’re on our way to Dalarn now, to celebrate for a day or two on our own. I’m so excited and so happy. No doubt there are still difficult times ahead, but now we will face everything together. As husband and wife. As a family.

And nothing on this earth or beyond will change that.

((OOC- thank you to everyone who came! It was quite a turnout! And to those who I forgot to mention their gift, I’M SO SORRY! Send me a message and remind me and I’ll make sure to edit XD))

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